So why is it Bar Snacks always seem to be Pork-related. Or is it just us?

On the bar we (almost) always have local Pork Pies, plus either homemade Scotch Eggs and/or Sausage Rolls. Or both if triple lucky! ‘Cos that would make 3 things!

We have what we consider the best pub Pork Scratchings with an O.X. postcode. They are proper. If one is lucky they may have hair or a nipple to prove they’re the real deal!

And then there’s Beef.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       As in Jerky.  Possibly we are the only pub in town (City??) with Beef Jerky on the bar. “Bumble & Boots” from Dorset hand make their Jerky using local beef.  MSG and Nitrate-free they are almost a healthy pub snack.

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