TODAY’S GUEST ALES (mostly updated every day !)…


Trad Cider = “Mulled”  4%  “Blackcurrant”  4%


Craft Beer = “Curious Brew”  4.7%


Everards “Tiger” 4.2%


Titanic “Plum Porter ” 4.9%


 We also now have a proper wine list where all non-

fizzy wines are available in

Three Sizes plus individual 200ml ‘baby’ Proseccos for £5.95.

Between our own White Horse ales, made less than 20 miles away in the Vale of White Horse, and our range of up to six guest beers, there will always be something to catch the eye of the discerning ale drinker at the Royal Blenheim.

Our ales come in ALL sizes.  We serve in thirds, halves  and an obscure, ancient measurement unit known as ‘Pints’. You can even buy a tasting paddle of three thirds for no more than the dearest pint.

The ‘BARMOPS’ System
You know those days when you get accosted by a Morris dancer with a good idea? No, well, I didnt think it would happen either, but it did, so here is the BARMOPS system of beer recognition

B – Blonde | A – Amber | R – Ruby | M – Mild | O – Old Ale | P – Porter | S – Stout

These letters appear in the square brackets on the Ale Board.

The following quote is from Colin Dexter…
“Inspector Morse strongly approves of hand pumps, the old-style, one room bar, where the joy is the conversation of the customers and a splendidly conditioned pint of ale”

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