Single Malts


Smooth & Floral

Known as one of the most scenic regions in Scotland, this land of rugged peaks and heather covered moor-land is geographically the largest of the whisky-producing regions. It covers three major areas and a variety of warm, rounded single malt whiskies: The West Coast (West Highlands) with its maritime influence on malts such as Oban.

The Central Highlands, including the heather and honey from one of Scotland’s highest distilleries, Dalwhinnie. Speyside and its ‘Golden Triangle’ of distilleries – so concentrated are the distilleries here that their malt whiskies are considered to sit within a region of their own.


Peaty & Maritime

Sitting amongst the Inner Hebridean Scottish Isles, are the malt whisky producing islands of Islay and Skye. Rugged, windswept and barren, the island landscapes generally produce single malt whiskies with strong peaty, maritime aromas.

The Islands malts are unmistakeably powerful, bursting with flavour, from the recognised smokiness apparent in almost all offerings, to the more surprising notes such as the black pepper found in Talisker.


Fruity & Delicate

Over half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries can be found within this one region. Speyside – the lush, fertile valley of the River Spey – is undoubtedly the heart of single malt whisky distilling in Scotland.

It’s classic flavours of honey, vanilla and fresh fruits (apples, pears) combine to create whiskies that are both sophisticated and elegant. With age, and especially when matured in sherry casks, they evolve to deliver dried fruit and sweet spice flavours.


Light & Fresh

The terrain of the Lowlands is characterised by rolling fields which are ideally suited to growing grain for whisky. The softer landscape is mirrored in the region’s single malts which tend to be lighter in both colour and body, than those of the Highlands.

With little or no peat used in the drying of the malt, the whiskies distilled here are generally fresh and light, fragrant and floral with cereal flavourings.

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